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Important notice for those declaring income tax and wanting to receive a refund: The official calendar has been revealed

Deadline for sending Income tax return Approaching and expectations regarding taxpayers to reply.

Recovery Income tax It is the amount that the government pays to a taxpayer when deductible expenses exceed the amount of tax payable. Therefore, it is expected that thousands of Brazilians will be entitled to receive one of the pieces to be released.

This year, Federal Revenue announced that it will release about R$300 million through a refund Income tax. Of this amount, more than R$197 million will be allocated to priority groups.

It is important to remember that not everyone is entitled to a refund. So, check out our article below and see who will get one of the pieces and check out who Full payment schedule Issued by the IRS.

Who is entitled to a refund of income tax?

In 2023, people who have Enter Greater than R$28,559.70. Which is equivalent to R$2,379.97 per month. But not everyone gets a refund.

This is because, in order to obtain, it is necessary that the deductible expenses exceed the tax due. For example: If the tax due is added to R$800 and the deductible expense calculation results in R$1,200, the taxpayer will receive the difference as an income tax refund, i.e. R$400.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the expenses that can be deducted. Next, check out the expenses that can be deducted from your income tax in 2023:

  • health;
  • education;
  • private pensions;
  • alimony
  • cashbook expenses for self-employed and self-employed professionals;
  • attorneys’ fees from taxable receipts;
  • Expenses with the property of those who charge rent.
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In addition, it is also possible to get a discount at Income tax to Declare your dependents. Thus, each function appears in a file Income tax can guarantee a reduction 2275.08 Brazilian reals in your primary account.

When is income tax paid?

The Federal Revenue Service pays compensation Income tax in 5 different batches. The first payment is released after the deadline for submitting the advertisement. Thus, there are new transfers in the following months.

For those advertising for the first time, there may be some roadblocks along the way – Image: Adobe Stock

For receipt, the taxpayer must inform the account number or key pix at the time of sending an ad Income tax. Below, check out the official IR recovery schedule:

  • The first batch: May 31st
  • The second installment: June 30;
  • third batch: July 31st
  • Fourth batch: 31 Aug
  • Fifth batch: Sept. 29.

How do I get a refund first?

The first batch of refund Income tax Reserved for exclusive groups, in order of priority. Check out what they are:

  1. People over the age of 80 have the highest priority;
  2. then people over 60;
  3. Then people with a serious disability or illness come in;
  4. Then, priority is given to people for whom teaching is their main source of income.

However, this year, federal revenue announced that there will be Two new priority groups that you can join.

The first group gathers people who have chosen it Pre-filled statement. To use it on your statement, simply access and download the Federal Revenue website with your previous information already filled out. So, just use it for your advertisement Income tax.

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The second group is about people who have chosen Receipt of refund through PIX. But it is worth noting the key pix A must have CPF for taxpayers. So, just inform the key at the time of declaration.

In addition, it is important to note that if there is a link between the new rules, the cut-off interval will depend on the order of delivery. This means that whoever sent the statement first will get it first.