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Avaí will lodge a formal complaint with the FCF following refereeing errors against the club in Catarinense

Avaí will lodge a formal complaint with the FCF following refereeing errors against the club in Catarinense

Avaí will file an official complaint with the FCF (Santa Catarina Football Federation) after what the club considers to be refereeing errors against Leão da Ilha in the first two rounds of the state championship.

The match between Hercilio Luz and Avai was a controversial referee – Photograph: Bianca Kwan/Hercilio Luz FC/ND

The Azzurra board claim that in total, there were five “capital” fouls against the club in the first two rounds of the competition.

“We are formalizing the representation with FCF. In fact, in the last two matches there have been five blunders: three penalty kicks and two badly disallowed goals,” says Eduardo Freeland, the club’s executive director of football. n more.

“But our focus will continue to be on the team’s development, which is what we have control over. What we want is a more efficient referee with less involvement in the final outcome of the matches,” he adds.

What the FCF says

to n moreThe NFL confirmed that it had received a letter from Avai and that the arbitration department understood that the offers mentioned by the club were valid. Furthermore, the entity states that it will invite arbitration specialists to a meeting next week. An official response will be sent to the club.

“The referees will be here at the federation next week. “We have already spoken to them, pointed out the errors and analyzed the actions that were incorrect,” explains Vice President and Director of the FCF Refereeing Department, Marco Martins.

Furthermore, participating professionals will be temporarily excluded from the judging lists.

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The report asked whether all professionals from the refereeing trio participating in the two matches would be excluded, and received the following response:

“We analyze all bids and assign responsibilities individually,” Martins said. The director also stated that the names of the professionals who are on leave will not be revealed.

The bids sparked complaints from Avaí

Avai ended up being defeated by Hercilio Luz 2-1 in a duel on Thursday night (25). Luiz Augusto Silveira Tisney's refereeing has been the target of much criticism.

In the first half, Leao da Ilha complained about a penalty kick taken by goalkeeper Matthews against Gabriel Poveda. In this move, the archer Leão do Sul ends up hitting his feet at the level of the abdomen of player No. 9 Azurra.

ARMY as Leao da Ilha calls for a penalty kick in Poveda – Video: Reproduction/Intenet/ND

Furthermore, in the same match Florianópolis complained that two goals were disallowed. First, Rafael Java received the ball inside the area, it bounced off the goalkeeper and Andre scored. However, the assistant claimed that the Avaiano midfielder was offside.

Throw in where Rafael Java was offside - Image: Reproduction/MB TV/NDThrow where Rafael Java was offside – Image: Reproduction/MB TV/ND

In the second stage, striker Garces scored the conversion goal. However, the referee saw a “handball” from number 11 and disallowed the goal.

In the first match against Nassau last weekend, the club complained about a handball from an Araquari defender inside the penalty area, as well as a 'catch' on striker Pedrinho, also inside the box, already on the upright end of the goal. the match. Both moves were ignored by Albuquerque's referee Igor da Silva at the time.