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USA: Planned interest reaches its lowest level since the dawn of February

United Kingdom: Poe calls on banks to support economic recovery

Sao Paulo, July 13, 2021 – Bank of England (BoE) appeals
UK banks to continue to support businesses and families
What are the risks to the economic recovery from the resulting crisis
Govt 19 International Distribution.

“Families and businesses will need continued support
The financial system to support the recovery of the economy and financial activities
According to the policy committee, the fall of the government in the coming months
Finance (FPC), in a statement after the meeting.

“The UK banking system has the potential to continue
Provide this support, “the note said, referring to the banking sector
Interim results of flexibility and stress testing
2021 loan.

“In recent months, rapid release
Led the UK to see improvement in its economic prospects.
But the risks of recovery remain the same. “

According to the report, to support the economy during the recovery, FPC
The UK is expected to keep the reverse capital reserve ratio at zero
At least until December 2021.

Finally, the FBC supports the decision of the Prudential Regulatory Commission (PRC)
Extraordinary protections on partner distributions
No longer needed. In March last year, the regulator imposed
Limits on dividend distribution and ended in December
Restrictions should be removed.

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