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At a hearing in Alesp, representatives of Unimed denied discrimination against the disabled – Jovem Pan

At a hearing in Alesp, representatives of Unimed denied discrimination against the disabled – Jovem Pan

Unimed representatives in an audience at Alesp

Authority for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp) I received, this Tuesday, 27 representatives from Singlefor explanations about the termination of contracts health insurancemainly from people in Cancer treatment and with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the hearing, the following were heard: Jabr Jober Jr., Legal Supervisor for Corporate and Governmental Relations at Unimed; Patricia Malta, Director of Corporate Relations; and Alexandru Saltari, Legal Director. The health worker’s representatives said that there is no cancellation of family or individual contracts and there is no cancellation in a discriminatory manner. “All the cancellations throughout the history of Unimed have been with legal entities, people who have employees with them and provide health insurance for employees. It is these contracts that have been canceled recently,” said Alexandru Saltari, Legal Director. On the other hand, the deputy Rafael Zimbaldi (Sedadania), one of the parliamentarians who suggested contacting union representatives, said he had received a “complaint that there was a unilateral repeal” and that “this concerns us”. Vice Clarice Ghanem (we can) repeat too. “We have received a large number of complaints of Unimed unilaterally canceling the health insurance policy for people with disabilities, autism, and oncology, among other serious conditions,” he said.

At the session, Unimed representatives explained that from January to May this year, 2,200 legal contracts were canceled, which corresponds to about 10,000 people. Vice Andrea Werner (PSB), President of the Commission, highlighted that in his office were 87 complaints Cancel plans for people with autism. The company has confirmed, through two reps, that in contracts where there is life-threatening treatment, the service is maintained. However, Rep Rafael Zimbaldi Unimed asked for people who felt hurt to be re-evaluated. Representatives confirmed their willingness to reassess.

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