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Artemis II will have a black astronaut and a woman |  world and science

Artemis II will have a black astronaut and a woman | world and science

The Artemis II space mission crew will have a black and female crewNASA/Disclosure

Posted on 04/03/2023 17:29 | Updated 3/4/2023 5:30 PM

NASA has revealed the names of the four astronauts who will fly around the moon next year on the Artemis II mission. See who they are:

Jeremy R. Hansen – Role: Mission Specialist;

Victor Glover – Role: Pilot;

Christina Hammock Koch – Role: Mission Specialist;

Reed Wiseman – Role: Commander.

Astronaut Christina Hammock-Koch will be the first woman to fly a mission around the moon for NASA. Victor Glover will be the first black man.

The US space agency will send another manned mission to the moon. Artemis III will be the first manned NASA mission to land on a natural satellite since 1972.

However, to ensure mission success, NASA is carefully evaluating data from the Artemis I mission, which took place last year without a crew. This is critical to ensuring that the astronauts have a safe and successful mission.

The Artemis I mission’s Orion capsule traveled more than two million kilometers and circled the Moon several times, returning to Earth with three mannequins that collected important data to understand what astronauts would experience on a manned mission.

In addition to lunar exploration, the Artemis I, II, and III missions have a more ambitious long-term goal: to help advance the astronomical sciences to enable human exploration of Mars.

Lunar missions are an ideal opportunity to test tools, equipment and technologies that could be useful on a manned journey to the Red Planet. However, NASA estimates that this will not happen until the end of the next decade at best.

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