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Balbuena says he wants to play against Curitiba and puts himself at the disposal of Frigid Pereira

Balbuena says he wants to play against Curitiba and puts himself at the disposal of Frigid Pereira

This Tuesday, Balbuena was officially presented by the Corinthians, at a gala at CT Joaquim Grava. The defender held a press conference and talked about the possibility of making his debut on Wednesday, 9:30 pm, against Coritiba, at the Neo Química Arena. The player is not yet registered with the IDB, but if it is based on Paraguay, he plays.

If it was up to me, I’d want to play. I’ve been telling the coach, the doctors, since I started taking the tests. I will be available, but the coach will know the best option for him. My idea is to help and add from wherever I am, whether I am playing, on the bench or in the stands,” said the athlete.

Despite the excitement, the player is not yet registered for the Brazilian Football Confederation’s daily (BID) newsletter and cannot make his debut without posting the link. However, Balbuena clarified that he did the preparatory season with Russia’s Dynamo Moscow, in recent weeks and that he is in a physical condition to play.

I feel really good, I’ve been doing the prep for the season in Russia. I’ve had several friendly matches. I haven’t trained this past week, but I feel strong. It will depend on the coach, the committee, if I am not going to work to prepare as soon as possible, and that is the most important thing,” the athlete said.

Balbuena was announced on Monday. The player came on loan for a year from Russia’s Dynamos Moscow. The defender returned to Corinthians after four years, and was traded in 2018. Paraguay has made no secret of his concern about meeting Phil, but confirmed he is available for Vitor Pereira.

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“First I have to be available, which I really feel, but that depends on it. I know what it’s like to play in the arena, what the crowd will be like. The most important thing is to go step by step. I am happy to be back and I really want to be able to play in the arena. , abroad, and to play with Corinthians, because I know he is very good. I trained for two days with the team, but let’s go step by step, no need to rush”, said the new Corinthians No. 31.

The athlete is in his second spell in Corinthians. Between 2016 and 2018, Balbuena played 136 games for Timao and won three titles: one for Brasileirao, in 2017, and two for Campionatos Paulistas, 2017 and 2018.

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