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Casio equals Corinthians' best game score in one year

Casio equals Corinthians’ best game score in one year

Cassio equaled another record, this time in person, in his career on Sunday. In a tie against GremioThe goalkeeper reached 68 matches in 2021 and equaled his best number.

Fans criticized him for his performance, and Cássio did not lose his place in the starting line-up. In the 68 matches he played, the jersey conceded 12 67 goals, which equates to an average of 0.99 per match.

If he plays against Juventus, next Thursday, Casio will break his personal record in matches in one year. In 2019, the jersey played 12 68 matches. It’s worth remembering that there is a possibility for Corinthians to offer some players leave, as revealed rudder at the beginning of the week, at the expense of the classification for the group stage of the Libertadores.

Of the 72 matches Corinthians played in the year, the archer was not present in only four of them. The replacement for the idol Timão at every opportunity was Mateus Donnelly. The 32nd jersey, created at the base, started against Palmeiras, Ponte Preta and Nofrisentino, for Campeonato Paulista, and Chapecoense for Brazil. In addition, the youngster joined Casio at the end of the first half against River Plate, from Paraguay, in Sud Americana.

With Corinthians since 2012, Cássio has played 563 matches for Parque São Jorge club. Sixth player in Timão history, jersey 12 behind him offices (590), Maria’s outfit (598), Ronaldo (602), little boy (606) H Vladimir (806).

Cassius games of the year in Corinthians

  • 2021: 68
  • 2020: 45
  • 2019: 68
  • 2018: 63
  • 2017: 67
  • 2016: 45
  • 2015: 63
  • 2014: 52
  • 2013: 49
  • 2012: 43
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