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Apple announces the winners of the 2021 Apple Design Award

Apple announces the winners of the 2021 Apple Design Award

Apple incorporated Advertisement of this year’s Apple Design Award winners at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) online virtual event, rather than waiting until the event ends, as it did last year. before WWDC, Apple . preview The finalists, whose apps and games demonstrated a combination of technical achievement, design and creativity. Tonight, Apple announced the winners of six new categories of awards.

In each category, Apple chose one app and one game as the winners.

In the Inclusion category, the winners supported people from diverse backgrounds, skills, and languages.

This year’s winner was the accessible US-based game Aconite. HoloVistaUsers can adjust various motion control options, text sizes, text contrast, sound intensity, and visual effects. In the game, users explore using the iPhone camera to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and more. (our coverage)

Image credits: aconite

Another winner, Voice Dream Reader, is a text-to-speech app that supports more than twenty languages ​​and offers responsive features and a high level of customizable settings.

Image credits: Voice Dream LLC

In the Delight and Fun category, the winners deliver immersive and unforgettable experiences powered by Apple technologies. from Belgium pokebook game room, a children’s entertainment app developed from Snowman (Alto’s Adventure series), which won for its meticulous design and use of subtle touches, sound effects and interactions. (our coverage)

Image credits: Living room

The other winner included the British Little Orpheus, a platform game that combines narrative, surprise, and fun and offers a console-like experience in a casual game.

Image credits: Chinese room

The winners in the Interaction category showcase apps that offer intuitive interfaces and easy controls, Apple says.

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US-based satirical weather app. carrot time It won with its anticipation of humor, unique visuals and fun experience, which is also available in the form of watch faces and Apple Watch widgets.

Image credits: Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC

Canada one bird The game combines gestures, touch, sight, and dynamic sound effects in ingenious ways to bring your world to life.

Image credits: George Batchelor

The Social Impact category awarded awards to Denmark be my eyes, which allows blind people with low vision to identify objects by comparing them to volunteers from around the world using their cameras. Today, it supports more than 300,000 users, served by more than 4.5 million volunteers. (our coverage)

Image credits: s / I will be my eyes

The UK has won two matches in this category before Sunrise, a game that teaches respect for the environment in which players save wildlife, repair bridges, clean up trash, and more. The game also plants a tree for each download.

Image credits: ustwo games

The visual and graphics winners boast “amazing visuals, expertly designed interfaces, and high-quality animations,” says Apple.

Based in Belarus color It offers Sleepscape sessions that combine relaxing activities and sounds with narration to help people relax into the evening. app was Recently awarded Google’s best app of 2020.

Image credits: Loona . Company

from China Impacto Jinshin It won by pushing the visual boundaries in games, where motion blur, shadow quality, and frame rate can all be recreated on the fly. The game was done before Apple’s Best 2020 List قائمة s It was the best Google game of 2020.

Image credits: miHoYo Ltd.

Among India’s Innovation Winners we promise sadhanaIt is a comprehensive studio-quality music app that helps artists perform and publish. The app uses AI and Core ML to listen and provide feedback on the accuracy of the notes and create a matching support path.

Image credits: Sandeep Ranadi

riot games” League of Legends: Wild Rift (USA) won by taking a complex classic PC and offering a comprehensive mobile experience that includes touch screen controls, an automatic guidance system for newcomers, and a mobile-only camera setup.

Image credits: Riot Games

This year’s winners will receive a prize package including hardware and the prize itself.

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A video with the winners is shown. Here on the Apple developer site.

“This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we expect from a great app experience, and we congratulate them on their well-deserved victory,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations, in a statement. “The work of these developers exemplifies the essential role that apps and games play in our daily lives and is a perfect example of the six new award categories.”

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