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Megan's hairstylist reveals details about Archie and Lillibet - Metro World News Australia

Megan’s hairstylist reveals details about Archie and Lillibet – Metro World News Australia

Meghan Markle’s hairstylist George Northwood, who is also a friend of the Duchess, has posted several photos of her on her professional Instagram. Meghan Markle was in the UK last weekend to accompany Prince Harry to the platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II.

The program ran for 4 days in the country, from June 2-5, and saw the Sussexes reunited with the rest of the royal family shortly after they left the British crown, in early 2020.

But it wasn’t just Meghan Markle’s looks that George Northwood was talking about. An employee and friend of Meghan Markle has provided information about the children of the Duchess of Sussex: Archie, 3, and Lilibert, who has just turned her age.

On the third Friday, he shared several photos of Meghan at the Queen’s Thanksgiving Service in St. pee. She wore her hair in an elegant bun, topped with a white wide-brimmed hat, and was wearing a matching Dior coat. In the caption, he wrote: “Nostalgic and adorable for a reunion with Harry and Meghan and their family in the UK, Archie has grown up to be the kindest, most polite kid and only beautiful Lillibet.”

Meghan and Harry have released some pictures of their kids so far. The latest from the family’s Christmas card unveiled late last year.

This was the first time they had been back in the UK as a family since Lillipet’s birth. Meghan and Harry moved to Montecito, California after deciding to step away from their official roles in the royal family.

According to British media, they were going to introduce Queen Elizabeth to her daughter and grandson, during a private lunch with the king and members of the royal family. Lilibet is actually the Queen’s childhood nickname, creating a bond between them even before they met.

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