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ANS seeks clarification from health plan after sales suspension

ANS seeks clarification from health plan after sales suspension

The operator also states that this form is stipulated in the regulation of health plans and does not change the beneficiary’s relationship with the Golden Cross. “Based on APA Standard Resolution 517, the agreement is designed as a risk-sharing program aimed at increasing the quality of service Golden already provides,” he notes.

“The challenges of complementary health care drive us to seek effective solutions with trustworthy companies that share our values. Our beneficiaries can be assured that our goal is to ensure the best medical care, for all their needs, with high quality and geographic diversity,” says Golden Cross President Franklin Padrão Jr. In a memo sent by the company.

Regarding the partnership for the use of the Amil network by Golden Cross beneficiaries, ANS states that this is permitted under the provisions of the Act and the Supplementary Health Regulations. The agency indicated that “there is no need to obtain a license from the agency, just communicate with the regulator in cases where there is a change in the type of contract (direct, indirect, or private network) that has been registered.”

“As Golden Cross has informed ANS to only work with a direct network, whether for hospitals or non-hospital providers, it will need to make this change in its registration with the regulatory body to use the Amil network (the indirect network) – which it has not yet done,” it said. The agency confirms.

The agency adds that the decision is not related to transferring the wallet, and that nothing changes in the service provided to beneficiaries. “Golden Cross continues to bear the responsibility of providing assistance to its customers. The operators are obligated to provide beneficiaries with all the procedures stipulated in the list of health procedures and events, in accordance with the contract and within the deadlines set by the ANS.”

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