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The diet helps “turn off the engine” at night

The diet helps “turn off the engine” at night

Snoring can be very annoying, especially if you’re sleeping with someone. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are two factors that greatly affect snoring and apnea. Therefore, following a healthy and balanced lifestyle is essential for anyone who wants to put an end to these problems.

Snoring too much can bother others, as well as causing more serious health problems – Image: Reproduction / Shutterstock

Snoring and apnea are problems experienced by those who have difficulty breathing during sleep. As a result, those who suffer from these problems tend to sleep poorly at night, which greatly harms their health.

Snoring and apnea can worsen in winter

The arrival of the coldest season of the year may exacerbate the problems of those who snore a lot – or even those who don’t usually snore.

Survey developed by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul The UFRGS study showed that in periods of low temperatures, people gain more weight and experience more respiratory allergies, which affects the passage of air through the respiratory system and worsens snoring and apnea.

Furthermore, the research noted that during the winter months, the southern region of Brazil receives less sunlight due to shorter days and longer nights. Therefore, there is a tendency for people to consume more high-calorie foods to compensate for the energy they do not get from natural light.

Is snoring really that bad?

Mohamed Saada, ear, nose and throat specialist Santana Hospital, in Mogi das Cruzes (SP), explains that normal breathing occurs when air enters through the nose, is filtered and descends through the throat into the lungs. Any obstacle in this path can cause serious problems.

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With snoring and apnea, we breathe poorly during sleep. This increases the chances of cardiorespiratory arrest, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, memory loss, mood changes, metabolic imbalance and increased appetite.

Poor body regulation and unhealthy weight gain increase the chances of obstructions in this airway. Therefore, our body needs to exert extra effort to breathe during sleep, which causes snoring, or in the worst cases, apnea.

Learn about Dr. Muhammad’s recommendations to stop snoring again

According to the doctor, a good diet and an active life are essential for anyone who wants to end snoring and apnea: “Your medicine or fish starts with your diet.”

With just four tips, you can better control your body and avoid breathing problems during sleep:

1. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol hits the tongue muscle and relaxes it. When we go to sleep, a soft tongue can obstruct air intake, causing snoring and shortness of breath.

2. Do physical exercises: Stimulating your body with exercise helps keep your muscles active and makes oxygen circulate better throughout your body, making breathing easier.

3. Avoid excess sugar and bad fats: Consuming too many bad calories leads to unhealthy body weight and can cause oxygen blockage in some parts including the nose and throat.

4. Focus on good fats: To get the calories our body needs without gaining a lot of weight, especially in the winter, eating nuts, fried vegetables, and whole-grain pasta is a good option. Teas and caloric foods, such as green tea and ginger, are also good options – without exaggerating the amounts, of course.

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You can see Dr. Muhammad’s full explanation in the video below: