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Video: A man in an outbreak destroys the door and windows at UBS Central de Navegantes

Video: A man in an outbreak destroys the door and windows at UBS Central de Navegantes

Videos circulating on social media show the destruction of the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in the center of Navegantes, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, on Tuesday morning (3). A man, whose identity was not revealed, was recorded breaking the doors and glass windows of the place.

A man destroys a place using UBS chairs – Image: Internet/Reproduction/ND

The video, which was recorded from inside the health unit, begins with the man actually carrying the row of chairs in his arms and using them to destroy the place. He hits the window and the glass door at the entrance so hard that everything shatters.

After breaking the window of the UBS bank on Avenida Nereu Liberato Nunes, near the Komprão supermarket, he threw chairs into space. Then he adjusts his clothes and leaves.

a Military police The police were called to respond to the incident, and reported that the man panicked and vandalized the place. People nearby restrained the 42-year-old suspect until police arrived.

At approximately 1pm on Tuesday, police reported that the incident was still under investigation and therefore they had no further information to share at this time.

Report from Gateway ND Mays I contacted the city of Navegantes, which had not commented on the case at the time of writing. The space remains open.

Watch the video recording the moment of devastation at UBS:

According to the military police, the man was in a state of outbreak and was contained in the place until the garrison arrived – Video: Internet/Reproduction/ND

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