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ANS replicates the maximum cooperative score in the quality index

Single-flowered Rattlesnake 13 04 2021Unimed Cascavel achieved again the highest score in the Complementary Health Performance Index (IDSS) in 2020, compared to the base year for 2019. The figure is in the Qualification Report for Operators from All Over Brazil, recently released by the National Health Agency. Complementary Health (ANS) serves as the basis for the agency to prepare the quality of service arrangement provided in the country. “This gives complementary health users a greater choice of choice. Additionally, the index provides subsidies to improve operator management and regulatory procedures for ANS,” explains Unimed Cascavel CEO Louise Sergio Vitack.

Mark max Out of the 945 rated Brazilian operators, only 50 had the highest score (1.0). Of these, 46 are part of the Unimed system.

Indications IDSS consists of a set of indicators grouped into four dimensions:

Customer health (40% of the score)

• Economic and Financial Management (20% of the degree).

Operating structure (20% of the grade)

User satisfaction (20% of the score)

Humanitarian service For Unimed Cascavel, the score is more than a group victory. The Cooperative Society considers this finding a testament to the method of caring for unrestricted people, which promotes outstanding human service that benefits people. ”The CEO of Singular concludes:“ Although the moment is sensitive and disturbing due to the global epidemic caused by the Coronavirus, obtaining this memo enhances Our commitment to all our audiences, guarantees the quality of service approved by ANS. ”

More – To learn more about IDSS, click Here. (Click Unimed Cascavel)

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