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Higher Education: The government announces the shortlisted candidates for training in the Prime Program

Higher Education: The government announces the shortlisted candidates for training in the Prime Program

The state government, through the Public Supervisory Authority for Science, Technology and Higher Education, announced on Tuesday (13) the result of the first version of the Intellectual Property Support Program with a focus on the market (Prime). The project has a partnership with the Araucária Foundation and the Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises in Paraná (Sebrae / PR).

In the first edition, 21 projects were selected in seven public universities. Prime’s goal is to contribute to the economic and social development of the entire country by transferring the results of academic research conducted in the nation’s universities to the market.

The initiative targets researchers and patent holders. Selected professionals will receive support to make their invention possible. This project will encourage an entrepreneurial culture in the academic environment.

For the Director of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Aldo Nelson Bona, the program encourages the creation of innovative companies and fosters an entrepreneurial culture in the university community. “We want to stimulate new entrepreneurial skills and competencies in public universities, and to adopt entrepreneurship as a business strategy, to support new technological solutions in Paraná,” ​​he says.

One of the most accredited projects was Western Paraná State University (Unioeste), eight in total. UENP then appears with five select proposals and four proposals have been approved by Midwestern State University (Unicentro).

Parana State University (Unespar) has also been involved in Eclecticism and has two accredited projects. Both Londrina State University (UEL) and Maringa State University (UEM) had a specific project.

After approval, the projects will receive guidance and follow-up, as they go through the classification phases (feasibility, marketability, trial day, and pre-acceleration), according to the judgment criteria specified in the notice.

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An extraordinary semester Next Monday (19) there will be an online ceremony to welcome approval. Immediately after the participants will have the first Prime workshop. The first party and workshop will be open to the general public. Access link Here.

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Afonso Celso Gonsalves Jr.

Anna Paula Sun

Andy Aviemile Saavedra Mendoza

Banhort Gongura

Camilo Freddy Mendoza Morigon

Letizia Piccoli

Luciana Oliveira de Farinha

Susanna Bender


André-Louis Andrade Menoli

Antonio Paulo of Portugal

Edir Paulo Fagan

Louis Gilherme Sachs

Mayra Costa da Cruz Gallo de Carvallo


Andre Lazarin Galina

Camilla Rickley

Carlos Ricardo Manic Malvati

Valderley Fernandez Freitas


Fernando Henrique Lermine

Daniel Jose Camita


Admilton Gonçalves de Oliveira Junior


Rogerio dos Santos Manizo