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Another case of a delta variant confirmed in Londrina |  Londoner

Another case of a delta variant confirmed in Londrina | Londoner

The state health department on Friday confirmed 3 new cases of the delta variant in Londrina. According to the information, Parana recorded 11 new cases of the delta variant and two cases of sub-strings – (one from AY.4 and one from AY.15). In addition to Londrina, cases of delta variant and sublines were recorded in Curitiba, Benhas, Teixeira Soares, Guarapuava, Ampère, Cascavel, Santa Teresa de Oeste and Oro Verde de Oeste.

This is the second case of the delta variant recorded in Londrina. The first was for a woman who developed symptoms on the Fourth of July.

There were also two new deaths from the Delta strain. The deaths refer to a 70-year-old woman, a resident of Curitiba, and a 57-year-old man from Cascavel.

To date, 857 Parana samples have already been sequenced by Fiocruz and 460 are awaiting results. Most samples correspond to the P.1 variant (464 cases). The delta variant currently has 138 confirmed cases and 28 deaths, including cases of the strain itself and its sublines.

protocol – As soon as the report is sent by Vucruz, the Ministry of Health contacts the regional health, which in turn informs the municipalities of residence (or notification) of the confirmed cases to start the epidemiological investigation. This process includes data from the onset of symptoms, the examination, whether there has been hospitalization, and whether the condition is considered curative or fatal.

sublines Variable substrains are phenomena that are part of normal viral evolution and are associated with the rate of disease replication. The more the virus multiplies, the faster the evolutionary processes. Sars-CoV-2 virus undergoes expected mutations during the evolutionary process of any RNA virus. When this happens, it is described as a new type of virus.

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Attention variable When mutations cause relevant clinical and epidemiological changes, such as greater severity and greater likelihood of infection, this variant is classified as a VOC (variable of concern or variant of attention). VOCs are a concern due to mutations that can lead to increased transmissibility and exacerbate the epidemiological situation. The subspecies of the delta variant, as well as the strain itself, are VOCs.