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Nearly half of young researchers think it’s not worth being a scientist in Brazil – Rádio Itatiaia

Nearly half of young researchers think it’s not worth being a scientist in Brazil – Rádio Itatiaia

A survey revealed that four out of ten young Brazilian scientists are not enthusiastic about the profession in the country. The study, conducted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), profiled early and mid-career researchers, addressing topics such as funding, productivity grants, scientific leadership, internationalization, diversity and inclusion, scholarly publishing, and the scholarly diaspora.

According to Professor Raquel Minardi, of the Department of Computer Science (DCC) at UFMG, and one of the research coordinators, nearly half of the interviewees say it is not worth being a scientist in Brazil. According to her, 17% of respondents have tried to leave the country in the past two years.

Profile of the Brazilian scientist

The survey found that PhD researchers are still predominantly white (73%). Young scholars of black (4%) and brown (20%), who make up the majority of Brazil’s population, remain underrepresented in academia. Eight researchers declared themselves Indigenous (0.2%), with women making up the majority (52%).

The study also revealed that 47% of women and 12% of men have experienced sexual harassment during their careers. Regarding moral harassment, 67% of women and 49% of men reported having experienced harassment.

Science funding in the country has also been a concern for researchers. More than seven in ten find it difficult to obtain funding for research in the country. Young Fellows represent 10% of the participants, of which 80% are second-level researchers.

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