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Anderson Moreira criticizes Sport’s performance after a two-point draw: “We leave two points” |  sports

Anderson Moreira criticizes Sport’s performance after a two-point draw: “We leave two points” | sports

“I think we played a lot less game than we could have done.” This is how the interview with coach Anderson Moreira began after Sport’s match with Ponte Preta – in a 1-to-1 ratio – on Sunday morning.

The result did little to change the Robro-Negro scenario in the table – now in fifth place -, but the coach’s sincerity was justified: the team sought an equalizer at the end of the first half and played the entire second stage with one another. , after kicking out the opposing captain, but failing to seek victory. This while wasting some good opportunities in attack.

“We missed a great opportunity to leave with the three points, leaving two points that we could have achieved if we had played better,” the coach said.

Anderson Moreira leads Sport in their draw with Ponte Preta – Photo: Diogo Reis/agev

Ponte Preta 1 x 1 Sport – Best Moment – Round 12 – Brasileirão Série B 2023

Even working as a visitor, the sports He scored 60% possession of the ball in the match and risked 16 final appearances against five opponents, but only three attempts from Leão were on target. Outside of the numbers, it was the team’s situation that upset Anderson Moreira.

– We played very slowly, not at the usual speed and pace. It ends up not creating many chances, even with one other player. We created some good stuff, but we could have created more – our coach values.

“Perhaps the draw was fair in the sense that Ponte’s team devoted themselves with one player less, and we didn’t have the competence to score the second goal.”

One of the questions raised about the departure related to the unusual weather and time – 11 am. The sport, by the way, has never won the matches played at this time. However, none of these issues were decisive in Anderson’s opinion – which sticks by the team’s performance.

– I hate that bit of looking for an excuse. We have played in warmer situations and have been better. I am always very attached to the team’s performance. As there are many moments that praise the situation and even in moments of defeat, as happened in the Copa do Nordest. We are not playing today. We cannot be as decisive as we usually are.

Now, Rubro Negro returns to Recife and is preparing to face Vila Nova, next Sunday, in a postponed confrontation for the second round of Serie B.

Ponte Preta x Sport – Photo: Marcos Ribolli/PontePress