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Analysis: The “anti-regression” strategy works, Corinthians develops, but will have to climb the ladder  Corinth

Analysis: The “anti-regression” strategy works, Corinthians develops, but will have to climb the ladder Corinth

Hey Corinth He did what was expected of him against the bottom team in the Paraguayan championship: he imposed himself against the Nacional Bar, controlling the match from start to finish and winning 4-0, erasing the bad image left in his first appearance in the Copa Sudamericana, last week.

The victory came directly through the feet of Ángel Romero, with two goals and one assist, but also due to the anti-repression strategy adopted by coach Antonio Oliveira.

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Knowing that Paraguay would be playing very closely together at the New Quimica Arena, the Portuguese put the ball ahead. Corinth With a line of six or five men in front, in order to expand the field and achieve numerical superiority near the opponent's area.

To do this, Antonio gave the full-backs a lot of freedom. On the right, Wagner played an “espetado,” sticking to the line. On the left, it was Wesley who created the width, while Hugo played more inside, almost like a midfielder.

Corinthians formation when they had possession against Nacional-PAR – Photo: ge

Returning to the starting lineup, Fausto Vera was responsible for initiating the plays. Ranelli would occasionally dive between defenders to get out three men, and was out of action for much of the 90 minutes – after all, he created little with the ball and had little defensive action, as Nacional rarely attacked.

Despite this and other technical problems, the team showed progress compared to recent matches.

And if anyone still has doubts about Romero's starting role, the team's top scorer in 2024 tried to put any debate to rest with another impressive performance and two record-breaking performances.

Romero and Fausto Vera celebrate Corinthians' goal – Photo: Marcos Riboli

There are now six games without a loss, a sequence that gives the team confidence and calm in action, but still does not convey full confidence for the rest of the season.

Undefeated streak from Corinth The competitors were Santo Andre, Agua Santa, São Bernardo, Londrina, Racing Oro and Nacional Bar.

From Sunday onwards, against Atletico MG, the stakes will be higher, and it will be… Corinth Need to go together. The team will be tested against much stronger opponents, in different contexts than in recent matches. It is possible that Timao, instead of drilling mutants, will have to create his own.

Yuri Alberto celebrates a goal for Corinthians – Photography: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians Agency

The good news is that on the eve of the start of the Brazilian League, the team receives potentially important reinforcements, such as Paulinho and Igor Coronado. Bringing back Fausto Vera could be another great 'signing' for 2024.

After a week of luxurious training and friendly matches, the season is over Corinth Finally it will start.

“He left Corinthians in the game,” says Careca. Fan sound

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