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America prevails, crushes Bragantino and enters the Libertadores region

Photo: Moore Panda/America

American players shake one of the goals in the match

America entered the classification zone for the Copa Libertadores. On Saturday night, Coelho won at Nabizu Stadium, in Bragana Paulista, beat RB Bragantino, 4-1, and the score was almost completely aggregated in the first half. Juninho, Henrique Almeida and Everaldo scored for Coelho, while Luan Candido scored for the hosts. In the final stage, Juninho again closed the recording.

With this victory, America reached seventh place in the Brazilian Championship. Coelho reached 52 points and beat Atletico, who will play on Monday, and Su Paulo lost to Fluminense on Saturday. If the Italian League ends with this position, the Minas Gerais team will play in the Libertadores Cup qualifiers. Bragantino dropped to 14th place with 44 points.

the game

America had only one change in the squad regarding the team that won Internacional. Ricardo Silva (who had an important match appearance in the first half) was in the ranks of Dier, who received a head-kick in the last game and was not even on the bench.

Bragantino tried to establish himself at the start of the match. In the first minute, Heleno Cavicioli forced a great save. But America, in a modest move, opened the registry. At 5″, Clayton tried to play and missed the pass. Juninho predicted, stole the ball and finished in the corner to open the scoring: from 1 to 0.

The home team did not go down and went up. Cavichioli saved again, after crossing the area. But, in another cross, Ricardo Silva advanced with his arm raised and touched the ball. After consulting the VAR, Marcelo de Lima Henrique scored a penalty kick. In recovery, at 17′, Luan Cndido hit hard, with no chances for America’s goalkeeper: 1 to 1.

But it didn’t take long for America to get back up front on the scoreboard. On the 24th, after a free kick, Al veered to Henrique Almeida to present to the net and leave to celebrate.: 2 to 1.

The match was hot in the first half. There were eight yellow cards, six for Bragantino and two for America. One of the cautionary shots of the home team occurred in a confusion that ended with a penalty for Rabbit.

Juninho started on the left and crossed low. Henrique Almeida fell inside the area and touched the ball with his hand and swung the net. After consulting the VAR, the offer was rejected, but a penalty was awarded to America, pushing forward Luan Candido. In charge, Everaldo removed Clayton and expanded: 3 to 1.

In the second half, America returned with Wellington Paulista instead of Henrique Almeida. The Minas Gerais team continued to press despite the superiority. Clayton had to save three good times, two from Felipe Azevedo and a header from Wellington Paulista. Bragantino’s fans even yelled “Count” as the opponent exchanged passes in defence.

The coaches transferred the two teams. Bragantino even created some good chances. At their best, Helinho received a firing and hit the scammer. On the rebound, Lucas Evangelista fired a powerful kick from outside the area to block Cavicioli wonderfully. America responded with Mathiosinho, who received a superb pass from Alessio and saved head-to-head in a superb defense from Clayton.

Bragantino pressed in the final minutes, but in an orderly fashion. America, in turn, missed good counter-attacks with wrong decisions by its attacking players. But in the end, Coelho ended the scoring with another goal from Juninho. The American midfielder receives a header from Danilo Avelar and sends it on his way out of Clayton.: 4 to 1 And a big victory for the Minas Gerais team away from home.

Red Bull Brigantino 1 x 4 America

Red Bull Bragantino

Clayton. Aderlan, Kevin; Lomnaco, Nathan and Luanne Kendido; Raul (Gadsom Silva, 3/2 score T), Lucas Evangelista (Carlos Eduardo, 33/2 score T) and Horan (Miguel, 23/2 score T); Artur (Welliton, 2/33°T), Helinho and Werik Pop (Alerrandro, 2/16°T)

Technical: Mauricio Barbieri


Mateus Cavicioli, Cceres, Conti, Ricardo Silva, Marlon (Danilo Avelar, 40/2°T); Juninho, Benitez (Matthews, 2/23) & Al; Everaldo (Lucas Cale, 2/34), Felipe Azevedo (Alusio, 2/23) and Henrique Almeida (Wellington Paulista, halftime)

Technical: Wagner Mancini

Objectives: Juninho (5/1°T and 44/2°T); Luan Candido (17/1°T); Henrique Almeida (24 / ° T); Everaldo (41/1°T)

yellow cards: Ricardo Silva (1/16); Kevin Lomnaco (23/1° T); Al (27/1°T); RAL (35/1°T); Luan Candido (40/1° T); Arthur (43/1°T); Aderlan (46/2°T); crackle (49/2°T)

reason: The thirty-sixth round of the Brazilian Championship

studio: Nabizu, in Bragana Paulista

date and time: Saturday November 5, 7 p.m.

Connecting: the first show

Rule: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)

Auxiliaries: Nilton Jr. de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)

Video Assistant Referee: Rafael Tracy (SC)

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