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AMD Ryzen 5000 processors should soon arrive at 5GHz

AMD Ryzen 5000 processors should soon arrive at 5GHz

The new line will follow in the footsteps of the Ryzen 3000-XT series, launched in July 2020

Treatments AMD Ryzen 5000 It should receive an update soon, as the new series will bring models with frequencies up to 5GHz. This new line will follow the steps of the chain Ryzen 3000-XT, Which arrived as an update to the company’s third-generation CPUs in July 2020.

The information has been published before Twitter user Patrick Shore, Which usually finds hardware information long before releases. As the site indicates Tom’s devicesThere’s a precedent for … AMD Updating their processors in the middle of the generation, which gives more credibility to this rumor.

However, the post itself highlights the importance of handling this type of rumor with caution. The CPUs are expected to be sold as part of the Ryzen 5000-XT line, which is the marketing language already in use by the company before.

Schur has found two unannounced Ryzen processors, which will be the B2 version Of the chips already released Vermeer. To date, two different symbolic names have been found. The first is “100-000000059-60_50 / 34_Y” and is probably referring to Ryzen 9 5950XTWhile the other one is called “100-000000065-06_46 / 37_Y” and he mentions Ryzen 5 5600XT.

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However, it is hoped that AMD will also release the Ryzen 7 5800XT, which will position itself between the two CPUs mentioned above. It’s interesting to note that in the Ryzen 3000-XT line the manufacturer skipped the Ryzen 9 3950X – but it should include the best processor this time around.

Source: Tom’s Hardware / Reproduction

Most components and specifications are expected to remain of the conventional Ryzen 5000 models. This means that they will continue to use the 7 nm process of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) And the same exact architectural cores Zain 3.

using Update From the Ryzen 3000 generation as a parameter, we can expect both the L3 cache and TDP of processors to remain intact. Additionally, these chips will continue to be compatible with AM4 socket, Which makes current motherboards only need a firmware update to support them.

Across: Tom’s devicesAnd the TechPowerUp

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