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Alisson dos Santos is the first Brazilian athlete saluted on the podium – 03/08/2021

Alisson dos Santos is the first Brazilian athlete saluted on the podium – 03/08/2021

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (3), Alison dos Santos, Bio, wrote an important chapter in the history of the 400m with hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics, by winning the bronze medal in the fastest race of all time. Hours later, by ascending to the podium, the Brazilian also distinguished: he was the first athlete in the country to salute during the awards.

The gesture of greeting on the podium is controversial, because many consider it a political act. Also because in the case of Brazil, the military is part of a government Jair BolsonaroA reserve captain in the army holds ministries and positions at various levels.

Piu is a Clube Pinheiros athlete who is also part of the Brazilian Navy’s Armed Forces High Performance Program. Brazilians who take part in the work enjoy the benefits of military action: salary, medical assistance, nutrition control and physiotherapy, as well as sports structures in military organizations.

Although they are not professional officers – in Alison’s case he is a third sergeant – all athletes must undergo regular military training, which from time to time consists in joining the regular army for training in the barracks.

Swimmer Fernando Schaeffer, judoka Daniel Kargnen and sailor Kahina Konzi are also members of the armed forces. They’ve won medals in their majors, but haven’t been saluted on the podium.

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