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Alan dos Santos mocks Moraes for claiming he has US work permit: ‘Cry, Santo’ – Politics

Alan dos Santos mocks Moraes for claiming he has US work permit: ‘Cry, Santo’ – Politics

Fugitive from Brazilian judiciary since 2021, Bolsonaroist blogger Alan Dos Santos He posted a picture on Instagram purportedly showing his work permit in the US, where he lives. Next to the post, he wrote: “Cry, Santao”, referring to Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), author of the detention order and reporter of the investigations investigating the effectiveness of the blogger. Santos also called the magistrate a “tyrant”.

Alan dos Santos posted on his new Instagram account, active since January 31st. As decided by the Supreme Court, he has been banned from the sites since 2021, but has continued to create different profiles since the earlier ones were overturned. On this account, he already has more than 100 thousand followers.

Alessandro Dantas/Agência Senado

Blogger Alan dos Santos has been a fugitive from justice since 2021. Photo: Alessandro Dantas/Agnasia Senato
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According to the website of the US Immigration Service, to obtain a work permit in the United States, it is necessary to fill out an inquiry form with other information such as the number and expiration date of the applicant’s passport. However, Minister Alexandre de Moraes decided to cancel the blogger’s passport in November 2022.

As shown Estado, Minister Flávio Dino, head of the Judiciary in the Luis Inacio Lula da Silva government, wants to speed up the extradition process for Allan dos Santos. The folder contacted authorities in the United States and Interpol last month to force the blogger to return to Brazil, but efforts have so far been fruitless.

In an interview Estado In January, the National Secretary for Justice, Augusto de Arruda BotelhoHe said all the bureaucratic procedures that the Department for International Legal Cooperation (DRCI) was responsible for extradition had already been completed and there was nothing more for the body to do.

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The blogger is the target of Supreme Court investigations into the spread of fake news and the existence of digital militant groups that carry out attacks against democratic institutions, in a joint investigation into the disqualification of electronic voting machines.

The STF was contacted for comment on the insulted Minister Alexandre de Moraes and Alan dos Santos still on Instagram despite being banned by a court ruling, but did not respond as of press time. oh Estado Meta, which manages Instagram, could not be reached for comment.