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Astronomer explains possibility UFOs shot down in US were extraterrestrial ships; Understand | Excellent

Astronomer explains possibility that UFOs shot down in US were alien craft

“Science loves these inexplicable things because we do science to explain things that we don’t yet have answers to,” says astronomer Tuilea de Mello.

For example: UFO videos are nicknamed Tic-Tac, Accelerator and Stabilizer. Their images came to light in 2017, when a report by “The New York Times” revealed that the US government had a secret and millionaire program to study UFOs.

All three videos are part of the investigation. They stand out to this day as among the most inexplicable of the phenomena researched.

“We can’t explain all the visions that the pilots had and still have, can we? They see things that aren’t necessarily phenomena that we can explain,” Tuilea says.

But just because there’s no explanation yet doesn’t mean things came from another planet. Let’s say the ship comes from a planet orbiting the closest star to our Sun: Centaurus, which is 4.3 light-years away.

That is: if a ship takes off from there and it travels 300,000 kilometers per second at the speed of light, it will still take four years to reach Earth. And that too, to the nearest star! Imagine the rest of the universe.

Scientists estimate that our galaxy, the Milky Way, has billions of planets that could support life. Since there are between a hundred billion and two hundred billion galaxies, the probability of living somewhere is very high..

It was like this in the 1997 movie “Contact”. “It’s about how we guess the thunder wants to talk to us, right? And then there’s the detection of a signal from outside Earth for the first time”, explains Tuilea. So far this has only happened in the movies.

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