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Alligator rescued in urban park in New York, USA |  Biodiversity

Alligator rescued in urban park in New York, USA | Biodiversity

Alert for unusual sighting in New York, USA: A 1.2m crocodile was rescued from a lake in Prospect Park near Brooklyn. According to local officials, the reptile was in poor condition and may have been abandoned by a former owner who kept it as a pet.

“Parks are not suitable homes for animals that are not native to those parks – domesticated or not. In addition to the potential danger to park goers, releasing non-native animals or unwanted pets can lead to the removal of native species and unhealthy water quality,” said a park spokesperson. Guardian.

Alligators or alligators are common names for several closely related species. Officials have not confirmed the species of the animal found in New York. In the United States, the most common alligator is the American alligator, a relative of the broad-nosed alligator, the most common alligator in Brazil.

Visitors to the park were shocked to find a crocodile in the lake. “What? A crocodile?! Okay… oh my god,” father-of-two Vijay Jacob told the New York Post. Authorities took the alligator to an animal care center and then to the Bronx Zoo.

Each year, a handful of alligators are rescued in New York City, “generally abandoned pets after they’ve outgrown their cuteness phase,” according to local officials. Among the most prominent urban legends of the city is that there is a persistent belief that these reptiles live in the sewer system and have grown to large sizes. This myth is generally confirmed by the fact that in 1935, a group of youths from the East Harlem neighborhood saw an alligator in a manhole.

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