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3 Latin American countries to travel to that will make you forget Europe

3 Latin American countries to travel to that will make you forget Europe

First and foremost, Latin America is home to an incomparable wealth of accessible tourist countries, including Argentina, Chile and Colombia, which are distinguished by their cultural and geographical diversity.

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In addition to their natural beauty, these countries are known for the hospitality of their people and offering authentic experiences, making them accessible and great destinations for travel lovers. Find out more about it below:

Accessible countries like Argentina offer charm and savings

Argentina, with its vibrant Buenos Aires, offers a unique blend of European architecture, immersive tango and stunning landscapes, such as the snow-capped peaks of Patagonia.

Buenos Aires

Photo: Andrey Khropostov/Canva Pro

This country is considered the birthplace of tango, and is one of the cheapest places Brazilians can visit in 2024. With the value of the Argentine peso falling against the real, traveling there has become more beneficial.

Moreover, Buenos Aires impresses with its European buildings, lively roads and incomparable cuisine. With a wide range of attractions, Argentina offers rich experiences without burdening the tourist's pocket.

Countries like Chile are diverse and beautiful

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Meanwhile, Chile impresses with its extensive coastline, famous wineries and majestic Andes Mountains. With its diverse geography ranging from the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, to the majestic landscapes of Chilean Patagonia, this country is another exceptional and cheap place to be.

Chile: Safety and practicality

Furthermore, Chile is also safe and easy to navigate, making it a practical and attractive option for Brazilian tourists. With a stable currency, the Chilean peso, and a variety of attractions at affordable costs, Chile is a destination worth visiting in 2024.

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Colombia: a country accessible with tradition and modernity

countries countries
Photo: Limaret Perec Photos / Canva Pro

Finally, in Colombia, the fusion of tradition and modernity is evident in cities like Cartagena, with its historic walls and green beaches. This country is increasingly winning the hearts of tourists, being another smart choice for those looking for affordable places in 2024.

Affordable countries to visit in 2024

In this way, countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Chile will emerge as accessible destinations for Brazilians in 2024, offering not only cultural and natural riches, but also a different experience in line with the budget-conscious budget of tourists.

Therefore, by deciding on places that offer great value for money, tourists have the opportunity to explore the best that these countries have to offer without affecting their financial situation.