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After the betrayal, Bruna Biancardi’s sister talks about Neymar: “She refuses to be a man.”

After the betrayal, Bruna Biancardi’s sister talks about Neymar: “She refuses to be a man.”

The Brazilian national team player was exposed daily on social networks due to infidelity

Bianca Biancardi commented on social media about another controversy surrounding Neymar | photo: disclosure/instagram @bibiancardi

immediately after Neymar mockery on social networking sites Yet one more fExpose the player’s infidelitiesBruna’s sister, Bianca Biancardi, a friend of the athlete, used social networks to give her opinion about her son-in-law. The aunt of the daughter of the Brazilian number 10 did not like the exposure of the family members at all.

Bianca’s Instagram profile was private, but the story was posted on social networks. In the post, Bruna’s sister said she would continue speaking as long as Neymar kept exposing and mocking the situation.

“I suggest you stop dealing with dangerous situations with laughter. I know it’s hard to see the seriousness of a situation, when you don’t have responsibilities, commitment, and care for others. Values, commitment, and character are non-existent,” he said. Bianca.

In the post, Neymar’s sister-in-law commented that the player has, once again, shamed Bruna. For Bianca, the PSG athlete refuses to be a man, to mature and to take the blame for what he does.

After Bianca’s text, she comments that her sister is not in a relationship for the interest, the money, and the fame, because she doesn’t need any of that. In addition to confirming that there was never a contract or agreement for Neymar to have free access to cheat, which concludes that the player was not really loyal to Bruna.

“This is very offensive for someone who was raised so well, who has the guidance, support, love, values ​​and example at home. She’s really in this relationship for love, because she wants her daughter to have a united family from the present father,” he commented. Neymar’s sister-in-law.

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Finally, Bianca says they took away the peace and good memories Bruna needed during her pregnancy. In addition to saying that he would like the relationship with Neymar to be respectful and friendly, and childish, disrespectful and immoral publications will not be tolerated.

Check out the full text of Bianca Biancardi

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