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After rumors of Simaria's presence on “BBB24”, the singer reacts and increases fans' doubts;  paying off

After rumors of Simaria's presence on “BBB24”, the singer reacts and increases fans' doubts; paying off

Concern is growing around the premiere of “BBB 24” – especially after rumors that Simaria will be one of those locked in the most watched house in Brazil. Theories spread across the web on Wednesday (27), and the artist herself spoke out.

The story had repercussions after X's Central Reality (formerly Twitter) profile said the colleague was a participant in the next edition of Camarote. The page also confirmed that Boninho “was keeping this secret under lock and key.”

The idea of ​​the country singer joining the TV Globo reality show caused a stir on the Internet and Simaria ended up in fourth place in the most talked about topic on the networks. Even Gilles de Vigor, a former BBB member, was enthusiastic: “The audience will explode! Heavenly people, it will be all right. I hope they won't spoil our entertainment.”.

But it was not only netizens who talked about the possibility of the artist appearing on the program. Simaria herself also made a post that aroused the curiosity of users. Along with the photo taken in the mirror, the brunette thanked her. “My dear. Out of nowhere, we are trending topics. I adore!! I wish you a good family rest!!”, I wrote. That is, he neither denied nor confirmed…

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In the comments of the post, many fans supported the artist in the competition. “We are waiting for you at BBB legend, break everything.”“, the profile said. There was even a video montage of the singer performing on the reality show. However, other users expressed concern: “If it is true that Simaria is going to the BBB, I think there is a danger in following something similar to what Naiara Azevedo did: some loved her and others hated her because she always wanted to be the center of attention.”. Check out more reactions:

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The 2024 version of the “Big Brother” series is scheduled to be shown on the eighth of this month, and the names of the participants have not been revealed yet. Other celebrities already linked to a possible appearance on the show include: Diane dos Santos (former gymnast), Lawana Prado (singer), Kevira Buchmann (actress and influencer), Urias (singer), Chico Moedas (influencer). ), Flora Matos (singer) and Gustavo Tobarão (influencer).

Furthermore, presenter Tadeo Schmidt will continue to be in charge of the reality show, while Luis Miranda and Marcos Veras will take on new roles after the departure of Dani Calabresa and Paolo Vieira.