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After Guga and Keno, Atlético negotiated the loan of Vitor Mendes to Fluminense

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico Madrid

Vitor Mendes has not been used much in the Atlético professional and should be loaned out to Fluminense

In addition to selling Guga and Keno, Atltico must also loan Vitor Mendes to Fluminense. Negotiations are in full swing and are scheduled to be completed in the coming days.

The potential departure of the 23-year-old defender has been presented to Tricolor Carioca ge. globe And confirmed by the report on Monday (12/12).

At the beginning of the current season, the defender received opportunities with the coach “Al-Turko” Mehmet, but he did not prove himself. There were only three matches in the black and white jersey.

Still in the basic categories, Vitor Mendes was signed by Atletico from Santos, in 2018. The club from Minas Gerais owns 70% of the athlete’s economic rights.

Barcelona plays Atlético in Fluminense

If Vitor Mendes is loaned out, he will join right-back Goga and striker Kino, which will be sold to Fluminense🇧🇷

Guga’s transfer still depends on the contractual details between the two parties. Rio de Janeiro FC must receive 50% of the player’s economic rights.

Keno, in turn, has a contract with Atlético until the end of 2023. The winger arrived at Cidade de Gallo in 2020, with a contract worth 12.3 million Brazilian riyals from Pyramids, from Egypt. The board intends to recover a large part of the amount invested with the transfer of the skilled player to Fluminense.

Another player who should wear the Tricolor jersey next season is midfielder Nathan. The report found that the player’s staff wanted a permanent transfer, but the tendency towards a new loan was by Alfingro.

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