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Corinthians fans complain about anti-democratic pamphlets by an influential advisor at the base;  a look

Corinthians fans complain about anti-democratic pamphlets by an influential advisor at the base; a look

Corinthians are preparing in the youth categories for the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior Championship in early 2023. Meanwhile, what caught the attention of the fans and generated negative repercussions were the posts of Chancellor Jacinto Antonio Ribeiro, Jassa. On Sunday, it published requests for military intervention and occupation in front of the country’s barracks, and warnings of the spread False news It went viral among fans on social media. The counselor talked about the matter to Meu Timão.

The chancellor has no official position among the board or management of Corinthian base, but he is influential in all decisions made in formation classes. In 2021, Jaça came to represent the club on an international trip with Osvaldo Neto, who will later be announced as base manager. The advisor’s name appeared in the club’s official disclosures, and it was Representative of the Corinthian side in negotiations with Timau the Olympians🇧🇷

A request approved by JSA regarding military intervention and presence in the barracks after the elections

playback / facebook

Last week, the club Withdrew from the contract with Rodrigo Santana, Who will arrive at the club with the position of assistant coach, but he was heavily criticized by the fans for sharing photos showing his presence in front of the barracks in anti-democratic actions. Viel’s fallout follows the same line on the networks, demanding a position on the club upon seeing anti-democratic posts and exchanging warning letters. False news all over the page Facebook Advisor🇧🇷

Report required my helm On the negative repercussions on fans, the consultant reported that if there were posts on his profile, they were made “by mistake”. Jaça has shared 46 posts endorsing anti-democratic rhetoric and interference in the last 30 days, six of them with a warning not to post False news. In the same time period, there were two about Corinth.

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🇧🇷See, I never liked politics and I don’t remember ever reposting something similar and if it did, it was unintentionally due to not having much experience with social networks And not knowing how to handle the phone. But anyway, I apologize for doing this, I never liked to get involved in politics,” said Jaca.

Despite the influence of the Chancellor and his constant presence in games, dressing rooms, negotiations and behind the scenes of Corinthians’ decisions in the youth categories, Gasa has no official position in the board of directors and therefore cannot be excluded by President Duilio as happened in the case of Rodrigo Santana.

However, the internal regulations of the club specify in Article 28 with regard to managers – associates – that the following acts are liable to “dismissal of the associate”: committing a gross act against social sporting ethics or against a manager because of his position and degradesClub’s photo.

Rules are taken from the official Corinthians website about companions

Rules are taken from the official Corinthians website about companions

Run / Corinthians

* The term defamation contained in the document is considered, for the time being, to be of a racist nature and has been reproduced for the purpose of providing reliable information to those published by the club.

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