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After all, is an HBO Max series coming out or not? – Prism

Camila Morgado’s name appeared in the first HBO lineup
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HBO or more directly those in charge of it now have their time and should know very well what they are doing.

There is no room for debate about the internal and administrative measures that are taken or not taken within any company.

However, the delay in certain decisions is very strange. Since June 2021, there has been an expectation that the first HBO TV series, which was put on hold shortly after it was announced, would be made as a condition of the merger with Discovery.

This went on for over a year, to the point where they changed the business address. Instead of “Segundas Intenções” it came to be called “Beleza Fatal”, keeping only Camila Pitanga’s name as the protagonist, because all the other actors considered for the cast, including Antonio Fagundes, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Alice Wegmann, and Camila Morgado, Go to other jobs.

And this, who knows how long, is its current stage. or panorama now.

What is certain is that, every day, doubt grows as to whether, in fact, something will ever turn out.

Isis Valverde is quoted to be Donna Bega


Floresta/Sony and HBO Max will jointly select the cast for “Dona Beija.” And what’s also expected there, frankly, is some movement.

Right now, there is only a strong desire for Isis Valverde to be in the lead role.

combined like this

This Tuesday, the recordings of “Faustão na Band” return, already including updates for the next season.

But this week’s recycling will still be shown. It only came out from next Monday.

How can you?

Sometimes, the feeling that passes is, “If you can do it wrong, why do you do it well?”.

Look at the state of the Brazilian Women’s Championship. The Brazilian Football Confederation has signed a 3-year contract with the Eleven platform. Games kicked off on Friday, and of the entire round, only two of them were broadcast on SporTV.

Look at the problem

The Brazilian Women’s Championship has 16 participating clubs, including such famous clubs as Corinthians, Flamengo, São Paulo and Palmeiras.

There is always interest in showing the matches of these clubs. Undoubtedly natural and understandable. But what about others?

It’s all in the dark

The problem is that in the Eleven-CBF contract, there is nothing stipulated regarding the distribution of games on television and there is also no permission for transmission on social networks.

As a result, most of the clubs competing in the Brazilian Women’s Championship do not have a clear vision. Not their colours, not even potential sponsors.

Furthermore it

This coming Tuesday night, Flamengo and Independiente del Valle will play the second leg of their Recopa Sol Americana at the Maracana.

The first meeting, last week, had ESPN seeing a large pay-TV audience, even higher than that of some free-to-air channels.

What is expected

Since it is a decisive and exclusive game, involving one of the clubs with the largest crowds in Brazil, it is only natural to expect better crowd figures.

As well as a high quality radio post with a narrator and commentators on the pitch. or not?

João Villa plays the role of Isbosete in the recorded series “Reis”.

He has a history

April 17 marked the premiere of the sixth season of “Reis,” “A Conquista.”

The recordings are very advanced. The main cast has approximately 50 actors.

in progress

Ricardo Linhares and María Helena Nascimento continue working on the script for “O Grande Golpe” at 9pm on Globo. There is still no talk of a debut.

The remake of Bruno Luperi’s “Renascer” is also part of this fight. At the moment, “Terra e Paixão” is sure to be shown after “Travessia”. It is noted that it is no longer possible to talk about queues from soap operas.

skip steps

Incidentally, a 9 p.m. telenovela is always a risky stage for releases, as Jade Picon found on “Travessia.”

But according to Globo, there will also be some new faces in the alternative “Terra e Paixão” written by Walcyr Carrasco.


For these and other reasons, Malhação’s film is heavily overlooked in Globo’s programming.

The space was notable for outfitting these inexperienced folks for other soap opera tracks.

not now

The second season of “Back to 15,” with Camila Queiroz and Maisa Silva, is expected to arrive on Netflix in the July holidays. Launch was considered in March. just no!

Even because the focus on Camila has shifted to the arrival of “Amor Perfeito” on Globo.

movie theatre

The film “Pérola”, directed by Murilo Benicio and Drica Moraes as the protagonist, is confirmed to be released in May, in the week of Mother’s Day.

Last year there was a fair at the Rio festival and now it will be the turn of the national circuit.

the press

“Ilimitada Mente” is the title of the new special series of “Jornal da Record”, which will premiere on Monday night.

A work that highlights inspiring stories of people with disabilities, who have overcome obstacles and achieved great victories in their routines.

knock knock

• Jorge Lourdello organizes an event to celebrate the completion of 500 exhibitions of “Operação de Risco”. This Thursday, at 7 p.m., on Rede TV!

• Patricia Pilar is always very calm, even on social media…

• …but he celebrated the milestone of 1 million Instagram followers a lot.

• After opening in the United States, “Raquel 1:1” directed by Mariana Bastos with Valentina Herzig, will be shown in Brazilian theaters on March 23 …

• … The film tells the story of Raquel, who experiences mysterious events in a small town at home, and embarks on a controversial quest linked to the Bible and the traumas of her past…

• … Also in the cast are Emílio de Mello, Eduarda Samara, Ravel Andrade and Priscila Bittencourt.

• Felipe Veloso, after Mar do Sertão, is already available for the next season of “Família Paraíso”.

• This Tuesday, at 10:00 pm, the film “Provoca” by Marcelo Tass, directed by Marcelo Tass, welcomes Luisa de Souza, known as “Ilustralu” …

• … is the CCXP Award-winning author of “Arlindo” (2022) in the Best Comics category…

• … In a conversation with Tass, he talked about the topics he addresses in his posts, the colors he uses, bullying and the LGBTQIA+ world.

• Giuseppe Oristano, far from soap operas since his work on “Genesis”, comes with the presentation “Details of Absence”, which deals with the last years of the life of writer Joao Guimarães Rosa …

• … premiere on March 4 at Teatro Café Pequeno, in Leblon, Rio.

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