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BBB23: Production audio leaks from Bruna Griphao and Sister’s Rebellion. understand | capital Cities

Sister Bruna Griffaue’s voice was leaked while trying to use one of the cards from the boss room in BBB23

Bruna Griffau was disgusted after being “delivered” by BBB23’s production. After making up the wall last Sunday (2/26), Sister made use of the cards in the leader’s room to overhear a conversation in the Fundo do Mar room.

However, a production error made Sarah Allen and Gabriel Santana realize they were being heard and lose the conversation.

While they are talking, Griphao activates the power in the commander’s room. However, the suspicious voice that came out of this environment made Sarah and Gabriel suspicious: “Damn it, they are listening to us there, if you hear us, kiss.”

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Bruna Grippo crying at BBB23
Bruna Griffaue at BBB23

Bruna Griffau stated that it will all be about Fred

After the incident, Bruna Griffaue looked up Gabriel Santana and asked what had happened, and the brother admitted that he and Sarah had heard an “echo”. Disgusted by the production, Bruna goes to the Confession Center to demand new cards to be used for the Power of Listening.

Gustavo’s exit and the new wall shake the house

BBB23 is going through hard days. Last Saturday (25/2), Gustavo Cowboy was the youngest to be eliminated from the program, inflicting a crushing defeat on the Fundo do Mar group.

The formation of the wall on Sunday (2/26) also sparked the game. After Key Alves saved themselves on the back-and-forth, Fred Nicácio, Cara de Sapato and Cézar Black made a wall this week.

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