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Sampaoli lays out the strategy and prepares for the “blitzkrieg” to reverse Flamengo’s defeat by Marenga – Flamengo – News and Flamengo

Sampaoli lays out the strategy and prepares for the “blitzkrieg” to reverse Flamengo’s defeat by Marenga – Flamengo – News and Flamengo

Flamengo coach Sampaoli did not participate in the first match and wants to qualify within 90 minutes

Flamengo lost 2-0 to Maringa, in the first leg of the third stage of the Copa do Brasil. The encounter occurred on April 14, and Mario Jorge, from Sub-20, temporarily led the team. This time, in the second leg, Jorge Sampaoli will be on the edge of the pitch and already preparing for a kind of ‘trapParaná team.

Jorge Sampaoli does not intend to be excluded from the Brazilian Cup, because he understands that competition is important to Flamengo’s intentions this season, even to lift the championship trophy at the end of the year. So the Argentine coach aims to start the match.Bring the crowdTo the red-black side, by ‘blitzing’ over the opponent. Like him? The technician wantsthrottleMaringa at the start of the game.

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It is not possible to guarantee that Flamengo will be able to score goals at the start of the match. However, this is Sampaoli’s intention. In the ‘best case scenario‘, the coach intends to make it 2-0 at half-time, because, internally, the technical and physiological committee understands that Fla’He will remain physicallyIn the second step.

Psychological factor
Sampaoli understands the importance ofBring in fansAlongside Team Red-black with the aim of helping the team psychologically. That’s because Flamengo will only be able to guarantee a place in the Round of 16 if they win by a margin of three goals or more – and the coach has made it clear to the team that this is the intention, so they don’t let up. Luck determining the penalty shootout comparison.

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Moreover, if they can come back 2-0 even in the first half, the Flamengo players will come back to the second stage very confident. In this way, the chance of succeeding and defeating the Paraná team is greater, guaranteeing, as mentioned, a place in the Round of 16.

Therefore, fans who go to the Maracanã can expect Flamengo to be trying to be.overwhelming“Right at the start of the game. If the ball goes in or not, it will obviously depend on the quality of the attacking sector. However, Sampaoli’s intention is for the match to finish in normal time, without having to go into a penalty shootout.

Flamengo and Marenga, it is worth remembering, enter the stadium at 21:30 (Brasilian time) this Wednesday (26). The duel takes place in the Maracana, for the second and decisive match of the third stage of the Brazilian Cup. If the comparison ends with Fly winning by two goals, their place in the Round of 16 will be decided by a penalty shootout.