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Ferroviario overcomes refereeing errors and qualifies on penalties against ASA for the Copa do Noreste – Yugada

a Railroad it is in The second introductory stage Give Northeast Cup. In the field President VargasTubarao da Barra drew 1-1 with ASA/AL In normal time and beat the opponent on penalties 4 to 3, in the first preliminary stage.

With the result, Tubarão da Barra was in the second stage and faces Confiança – who beat Sousa / PB 1-0 – on Sunday (8), also in one match, at 4 pm at the Batistão Stadium, in Aracaju, for a place in the group stage of Nordestão .

the game

ASA started the game better and had the upper hand in the first minutes. And he created good chances, but Ferroviario was saved by goalkeeper Douglas Dias in at least two chances with 10 minutes remaining. But in the 16th minute there was no room, and ASA opened the scoring with Joao Victor.

After conceding the goal, Tubarão da Barra grew into the game and almost equalized in the 24th minute in a move that Seal Lincoln left facing the goal, but the goalkeeper defended and the ball still hit the crossbar.

Ferroviário and ASA played a single elimination match for the Northeast Cup in PV

take photo:
Lenilson Santos / Ferroviario AC

But after the show, Ferroviário had a lot of difficulty creating. That was when, in extra time, in the 47th minute, Lincoln equalized with Tubarao da Barra.

Ferroviário came back with another stop in the final stage and pressed from the start. Just two minutes later Ciel hit a free kick and the ball headed off the post.

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Tubarão da Barra improved in the match after Juninho Quixadá entered in the 9th minute. Al Marjan created a good opportunity in the 17th minute with Juninho Quixadá, but goalkeeper Flávio made a great save with a shot from the corner. On another big reef attempt, on the 27th, Wesley fielded it on a clear goal opportunity.


In the final phase of the match, Ferroviario pressed, but was hampered by refereeing in two controversial moves. First, in the 36th minute, the ASA defender handed the ball inside the area, but the referee did not give it away.

And the most dangerous move, in the 44th minute, an unfulfilled goal. Seal nodded, and the ball hit the post and crossed the goal line, the goalkeeper pulled it away and the referee ordered it to continue.

Sale scored a legitimate goal, which was disallowed by the referee in the last minutes of the match

take photo:
Lenilson Santos / Ferroviario AC

After contentious bids, the game became tense, and Ferrao even attempted extra time, but was unable to score the goal that would have marked him outright. Thus, the vacancy was determined by penalties.

Spot on penalties

The penalty shootout was exciting. First, the kick from Anderson was caught by the Reefs goalkeeper, Dougas Dias. But Sale lost to the railroad after that.

After converting a penalty, Ferroviário and ASA fouled again, until it came to 3×3.

That was when Lucio Maranhão lost, in an exchange of kicks, hitting the post, and Ronnie Lobo Ferroviario rated: 4 to 3.