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PC Oliveira agrees with VAR on Gabigol’s offside in Athletico x Flamengo match;  Analysis of the Brazilian Federation’s releases |  Flamingo

PC Oliveira agrees with VAR on Gabigol’s offside in Athletico x Flamengo match; Analysis of the Brazilian Federation’s releases | Flamingo

BCD Oliveira agrees with VAR on Gabigol’s offside in the Atletico vs Flamengo match

Flamingo Atlético and Atlético tied 1-1, today, Sunday, at the Liga Arena, in the ninth round of the Brazilian championship. The match was marked by refereeing controversies, including Gabigol’s offside in what would have been the first goal in red and black.

The Brazilian Confederation issued a VAR analysis and indicated that the ball was touched by Luiz Arajo and therefore Gabigol was in an offside position. Grupo Globo’s arbitration commentator, PC Oliveira, agreed to schedule the arbitration.

– The ball starts moving on Luiz Araujo’s first move. The referee must analyze the first impact of the ball. The decision was correct. According to the rules of the game, when the ball is touched, there must be two opponents between the ball and the baseline. When the goalkeeper left, the penultimate defender became Thiago Heleno. The assistant upstairs wasn’t running and wasn’t sure who had touched him. That’s why Daronko screamed that it was the attack that touched him. The procedure is exactly this: when in doubt, he cannot cancel offside or score a goal. But it was clearly Luiz Araujo’s touch. In this touch, Gabriel is ahead of Thiago Heleno. Therefore, he is in an irregular situation – this is how he commented during his participation in the Seleção.

Gabigol offside in the match between Atletico and Flamengo – Image: Reproduction

Furthermore, BC Oliveira analyzed the management of additions, which was a big complaint from the Atletico team.

Protocol status: Target verified
Decision: After verification, the VAR approved the referee’s decision

A player who is in an offside position when the ball* is handled by a teammate will only be penalized if he actively participates in the match by:

* Interfering with the game by touching the ball that has been passed or touched by a teammate; or

* Interfering with the opponent through:

• Preventing him from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s field of vision. or

• Competing for the ball with the opponent. or

• Try to clearly touch the ball close to you when this action affects the opponent. or

• Performing an action that clearly affects the opponent’s ability to touch the ball.

* Gain an advantage by touching the ball or interfering with an opponent when the ball is:

• Deflected or touched the goalposts, the crossbar, a member of the refereeing team, or the competitor.

• It arises from the deliberate defense carried out by any opponent.

*The first point of contact must be taken into account when touching the ball.

A player in an offside position is not considered to have gained an advantage when he receives the ball from an opponent who has touched it intentionally, including intentional handball, unless this is a deliberate defense by the opponent.

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