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Klber Gladiador again provokes Atletico: ‘Born 2013’

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The former cruiser, Clipper Gladiator, provoked Atlético

The former cruiser, Klber Gladiator, does not miss the opportunity to provoke the Atlantic. The former striker of Papu Reto, led by journalist Benjamin Buck, presenter of the Arena SBT program, once again sharpened his tongue to comment on Gallo’s 2-2 draw with Palmeiras, in Mineiro, in the first game of the Libertadores quarter-final. .

Having given Benjamin a “signal” when he said Atlético featured in Mineiro against Verdo, Kalber went even further when he commented on the old rival from Cruzeiro’s days. “Atletico was born in 2013. Atlético Mineiro did not exist. Atletico had a title that was in 71. The Brazilian Championship if I’m not mistaken”

“A team that doesn’t have a tradition and won the Libertadores in the ‘thighs’, they were very lucky, they had Victor, they were great. He brought the title to Atlético Mineiro, and it was Ronaldinho Gacho. So, Atletico is a team that always has popcorn, not only Palmeiras.

In keeping with his style of “clicking” on his rivals, Clapper also praised Cruzeiro, the club that defended him between 2009 and 2010, reaching the 2009 Libertadores final, losing to Estudiantes, in Mineiro, and for which he won the Campeonato Mineiro de 2009 title.

“In Minas Gerais there is a team, Cruzeiro. Cruzeiro Esport Clube, the rest is a small team. They don’t have the conditions, they don’t, they can’t compare Cruzeiro to Atlético. A former player, a 38-year-old who played until 2020 when he left Austin Bold of Texas. .

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