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Abel did not mention whether he had previously signed a contract with Al Sadd

Abel did not mention whether he had previously signed a contract with Al Sadd

I am where I want to be and I am where they want me to be. I would like to say much more than what I said here, I would like to say what is in my heart and soul, a lot has been said now and last year, many people said things and I always said the same thing: I am the coach of Palmeiras and I am here with great pride. I will not say more about this topic, four months ago they struck the same chord and today I am still here and if things go normally until 2025, which is the contract I have concluded. I will not talk more about this topic. This is the only truth and the only certainty. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the fans for their support and love. this is what I meant. I will not talk more about this topic.

The second question in the press conference was also about the supposed contract with Al Sadd, and Appel was emphatic: “We’ll see [se assinou ou não o pré-contrato]. I won’t talk about this topic anymore, there is only one truth, and you know what it is. You get to choose what you want to say. There is only one truth and one certainty, that is all.”

At the end of last week, Al Sadd filed a lawsuit against the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) against Palmeiras coach, Abel Ferreira, claiming that the Portuguese player violated the signed contract. To take over the leadership of the Qatar national team in 2024.

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Al-Sadd claims in the indictment that he opened the negotiations with Abel Ferreira and signed them on November 15, 2023. The document stipulated that he would leave Palmeiras the following year and would submit his report to the club on December 27, 2024.

Coaches, unlike players, do not need to wait until the final six months of their contract with the club to sign a pre-contract with another association.

Abel Ferreira had violated the agreement, according to Al Sadd, by renewing with Palmeiras at the beginning of the year – until the end of 2025. The Qatari club wants financial compensation of 5 million euros (about 28 million Brazilian reals in current value), which is why they are asking FIFA.