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The bank begins to give loans through Pronampe

The bank begins to give loans through Pronampe

a Pranamp At the end of July, the National Micro and Small Business Support Program returned to entrepreneurs across the country. The federal government initiative aims to facilitate access to Credit to MEIs and Micro and Small Businesses.

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The program has an interest rate associated with Selic, currently at 13.75% per annum, plus 6%. According to the general terms, the contractor has up to 48 months to repay the debt and a grace period of up to 11 months. The maximum is 150 thousand Brazilian riyals.

Bradesco joins Bronambi

Bradesco confirmed that it already provides loans to entrepreneurs through the program. The credit is guaranteed by the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO) and the grace period offered by the bank is up to six months.

The institution also informed that it will not charge an opening credit (TAC) fee, since the item is exempt from tax on financial operations (Israeli occupation forces). The commitment to the program had already been announced by Bradesco’s president, Octavio De Lazzari Jr., a few weeks ago.

The Ministry of Economy estimates that R$50 billion in loans will be provided by December. The deadline for granting credit to participating financial institutions is December 31, 2024.

How do you get loans?

The company wishing to apply for the loan needs to authorize the sharing of its billing data with the financial institution. Service available on the e-CAC portal, on the Federal Revenue website, under the “Data Sharing Authorization” option.

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Then just access the file Net Empresa . Portal From Bradesco, click on Loans, then on “Working Capital” and choose the option “Giro Pronampe: Simulate / Request Giro Pronampe – FGO”.