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PIS / Pasep has R$25 billion waiting for workers

PIS / Pasep has R$25 billion waiting for workers

a PIS / Pasep A recurring topic on government agendas, because the team continues to remind Worker That it has the values ​​it should receive. And this time they are especially warning people with old benefit quotas. Old shares refer to the years 1971 to 1988.

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Therefore, those who were working during that period will be able to get this money. The business must be formal, i.e. the person must be registered At that time, whether for the public or private sector.

The possibility of withdrawing this money is new, since at that time the only way to keep the amount was to retire or in the event of a serious illness.

This changed only in 2019, when a temporary measure was established so that all persons registered in the fund are entitled to collect these amounts.

The problem is that perhaps not many people know that they have this money to receive, as the government has realized that there are still a large number of workers or former workers. taxpayers Who do not pursue values.

As indicated in the records, there are more than 24 billion Rls for redemption currently in the bank. Also, according to the government, it appears that about 10 million people who can withdraw the amounts have not yet done so.

The time for the chase is not limitless, but there is still time for people to step into the rescue process.

The funds will be available until 2025, which is quite a lot, but after that time all the funds will be available Lostunlike other benefits paid by the government, which after the deadline are returned to a Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) account or can be withdrawn in another case.

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In fact, it will be the property of the Federation, as the government itself has already made clear. The point is that there will be nothing that can be done. If a person does not make money in 2025, they will really be without it permanently.

Remember that anyone wants to know if they have truly Take advantage, you can just go to the Caixa branch or the lottery shop. A person can also use the means of communication for Caixa or Banco do Brasil to find out, as well as use the FGTS app.

And if, in addition to being entitled to the amount, you are the holder of a Caixa account, there is a chance that the credit will be automatically executed. Those who have a citizen card should pay attention, because the drawing can be made in self-understanding, lottery and correspondents out of the box here.