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A United Boeing 777 loses its steering wheel shortly after takeoff and crashes into a car

A United Airlines Boeing 777 lost a wheel today while taking off from San Francisco, California, and two cars collided.

The plane was flying UA35 to Osaka, Japan, but shortly after take-off one of the wheels on the inner axis of the main landing gear on the left side was lost. The launch of the wheel was captured live in the video below, recorded by the channel Cali planes:

Shortly after the wheel fell, the control tower at San Francisco International Airport asked the approaching plane to turn around and wait for a runway inspection.

The United flight was not notified until 20 minutes after take-off, and the pilot stated that he had no indication that any component was missing and decided to continue the flight until the company was sure that the wheel was indeed from the plane, and guided him to land. In Los Angeles. The Southern California city was further from the main airport, but would cause less disruption to operations by having 4 parallel runways rather than 4 intersecting runways like San Francisco.

The plane landed safely in the southern California city after an hour and 40 minutes of flight, but announced the approach of Pan Pan, and was accompanied by firefighters at Los Angeles Airport. All events were recorded in real time by a Fox News helicopter:

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In San Francisco, a car in the airport parking lot was seriously damaged by a Boeing 777 tire, but fortunately, no one was inside the car and no one was injured:

After stopping at the gate in Los Angeles, the United 777-200ER plane was inspected. On the other side of the state, police have isolated the spot where the wheel stopped, which remains in the San Francisco airport parking lot:

All the action that caused the 35-minute shutdown of the San Francisco airport and the movement of emergency vehicles in Los Angeles was captured on flight control frequency chat and can be heard below: