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Forgotten Money: Brazilians still have R$8 billion to withdraw from the BC system

Forgotten Money: Brazilians still have R$8 billion to withdraw from the BC system

Marcelo Casal Junior/Brazil Agency

The Central Bank (BC) reported that there are R$7.97 billion available in the value system receivable (SVR), according to an update on Thursday (7). Values ​​refer to January of this year. The program was launched in February 2022.

The bulk of the amount is allocated to individuals. According to the British Columbia Commission, more than 40 million people “forgot” the amount of R $ 6.39 billion. R$1.57 billion is already available to 3,100 companies.

According to British Columbia data, 63.47% are amounts up to R$10, while 1.75% of forgotten amounts are over R$1,000.01.

  • Up to R$10 – 63.47%
  • Between R$10.01 and R$100 – 25.15%
  • Between 100.01 and 1000 – 9.63%
  • More than R$1,000.01 – 1.75%

Banks represent more than half of the institutions with “forgotten” funds, amounting to more than R$4.72 billion.

  • Banks – R$4.72 billion
  • Consortium managers – R$2.24 billion
  • Cooperatives – R$760.62 million
  • Payment institutions – R$116.60 million
  • Finance – R$109.68 million
  • Brokers and distributors – R$9.61 million
  • Others – R$4.90 million

Check step by step to withdraw funds

Step 1: Access to the site Amounts receivable On the date and withdrawal period reported at the first consultation. Anyone who has forgotten the date can repeat the process.

Step 2: Log in with your Gov.br account (Silver or Gold level).

If the user does not yet have an account with this level, he must register immediately or increase the security level (in the case of Bronze accounts) on the website or in the Gov.br application.

BC advises account holders not to wait to create the account and adjust the level on the day the redemption is scheduled.

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Step 3: Read and accept the disclaimer.

Step 4: Verifying the amount owed, the institution that must return the amount and the principal amount owed.

The system may provide additional information, if possible. The first stage of consultation was limited to reporting the existence of receivables, without providing details.

Step 5: Click on the option indicated by the system:

  • “Order here”: To return the amount via Bix within 12 working days.
  • The user must select one of the Pix keys, provide personal data and save the protocol number, in case there is a need to contact the organization.
  • “Request via institution”: The financial institution does not provide refunds via Pix. The user must call the phone number or email provided to arrange a withdrawal method with the institution: available wire transfer (TED) or document of credit (DOC).