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A tourist jumps into Elvis Presley’s pool and makes an incredible justification

A tourist jumps into Elvis Presley’s pool and makes an incredible justification

Tourist’s courage when jumping – Photography: Montage

A British tourist jumped into the swimming pool at Elvis Presley’s house in Tennessee, United States, and sparked controversy on social media. The man, identified as Tommy Purcell, ignored signs indicating the area was off-limits and was escorted away by security guards.

A video of the incident, which was shared on TikTok, shows Purcell jumping over a fence marked “restricted area” and heading into the pool. He then put one foot on the diving board, prompting a security guard to run towards him. But before she could reach him, he jumped into the water wearing shorts and sneakers.

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Purcell was filmed as he rejoined the tourists, shouting: “Are you serious? “Elvis didn’t stop anyone.” He was also photographed walking past a guard, still shirtless and with wet hair.

The posts sparked criticism on social media. Users condemned the couple for being “arrogant” and “reckless”. Purcell’s wife, Nannie, defended her husband, saying his action was “no crime” and that people were “just jealous.”

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“Elvis caught someone jumping into his pool once and never stopped them. He never ordered their arrest. “I told them to stay in the pool,” he said in the video. “We were escorted because they didn’t want anyone else to get the idea of ​​jumping on her. We are not blocked. How is this disrespectful?” he asked.

The singer’s former Tennessee home was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006. The cheapest tour tickets start at less than US$80 in 2023, and VIP tickets start at US$135 (R$665).

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