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The hidden danger of parking your car on dry leaves and plants

The hidden danger of parking your car on dry leaves and plants

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Depending on the time of year, the dry leaves falling to the ground are a serene sight in many parts of the world. However, foliage can pose an unknown and very dangerous danger to automobiles. So be aware that if you park the car In a pile of leaves, it could catch fire.

Why don’t we park the car over the papers?

Many people pile papers in the streets for the city to collect later. In that sense, some of these people might think it’s okay to park their car on top of a pile of papers or drive their car on top of them. However, try not to do this, as it can catch fire.

A car’s engine and exhaust system can get very hot and take up to 10 minutes to cool down. However, when combined with leaves, especially if they are dry, a dangerous fire can break out. The risk is greater if the engine is overheated or there are other mechanical problems, such as spark plug failures.

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Animals can store leaves in the engine

Also, an example brought to northern countries, such as the United States, is that in these regions squirrels and other animals store foliage during the winter, and in one place they usually do so in the engine compartment. This increases the possibility that the engine compartment will fill with collected papers, which increases the risk of fire.

Protect yourself from the possibility of fire due to papers

The most obvious way to prevent papers from starting a car fire is not to stop or run over a pile of papers. If possible, park your car in a garage or away from foliage.

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However, if you don’t have the option of parking in the garage, try to find a spot on the sidewalk or street, as far away from a pile of papers as possible. By choosing a garage, you can also reduce the chances of animals storing papers in the engine bay.

Also, another precaution you can take is to check the hood occasionally to make sure there are no papers left in the engine compartment. If you find some papers in there, pick them up by hand and throw them away.

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