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A tough day for the “Trump boys”: Former US president explodes, launches new attack on justice

A tough day for the “Trump boys”: Former US president explodes, launches new attack on justice

Friday (3) was another tough day for the “Trump boys”. Two sons of the former president AmericaDonald Jr. and Eric testified in a fraud trial in New York and the father did not shy away from attacks on Justice.

Donald Trump He wasted no time in using his strategy to discredit the US judicial system at a time when he faces four criminal investigations that could weigh on his bid for the White House in 2024.

“It’s so sad to see my children being harassed by a New York State judge in this out-of-control, publicity-seeking political witch hunt,” Trump said on his own social network. True community. “Jurisprudence be damned!”

Trump’s strategy

Trump’s latest outburst against Judge Arthur Engron – who has already held the former president, his two-year-old children and the Trump Organization responsible for fraud – serves as a preemptive strike ahead of court testimony expected on Monday (6).

Today’s reports offer an early look at how the even more criminal cases Trump faces in an unprecedented election year could play out — as the campaign winds its way through the courts.

Just as he tarnished the reputation of the American electoral system among millions of supporters with false allegations of voter fraud, the former president is now seeking to destroy another pillar of American democracy, the courts.

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Trump’s children

The lawsuit involving Trump’s children is based on allegations that they, along with the former president, inflated statements of their personal assets to obtain financial benefits on millions of dollars worth of loans and insurance policies.

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The lawsuit doesn’t allege civil and criminal conduct, but it could result in more financial refunds and end the company’s ability to do business in New York — so it’s important to Trump’s financial health, his legacy and your family’s future prospects.

In today’s testimony, New York Assistant Attorney General Andrew Amar managed to undermine Eric Trump’s claims that he had little to do with his father’s financial statements.

“I’m not personally aware of the financial statement,” Eric said.

However, Amer showed a 2013 email from the company’s former financial controller, Jeff McConey, asking him to appraise a property that included a spreadsheet of supporting data.

“So, you know about your father’s annual financial statement on August 20, 2013, right?” Amir asked. Eric Trump responded: “That’s what it looks like.”

In essence, Trump’s two sons are arguing that even though they run the company, they know nothing about its financial statements.

Earlier, Donald Trump Jr. insisted that he was unaware of his father’s financial details and relied on accountants for details.

At the end of the testimony, Donald Jr. left the courtroom saying everything went “very well.”

Ignoring evidence that contradicts claims is another well-worn Trump tactic.

After the former president was fired over reports of a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — which showed Trump trying to use U.S. military aid for political gain — the former White House chief repeatedly insisted he made a good decision.

*With information from CNN International