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A study highlights the world’s healthiest fruits that you barely consume

A study highlights the world’s healthiest fruits that you barely consume

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What are the healthiest fruits in the world?

Recently, research conducted by scientists from William Paterson UniversityThe American magazine “New Jersey” revealed the 10 most beneficial foods for health in the world.

To the surprise of many, no fruit earned a place on the top 10 list, although it is still considered healthy on the list.

Study conclusions

The results of this study, which challenge some common notions about a healthy diet, were achieved by evaluating the amount of nutrients in 41 different foods.

The researchers focused on the concentration of 17 vital nutrients, such as vitamin A and B12, compared to the amount of calories contained in each food.

This methodology allowed the identification of foods that provided a higher proportion of nutrients compared to their caloric load.

Interestingly, the top ten on this list consists exclusively of green leafy vegetables. Leaders in this category include kale, spinach, Swiss chard and mustard greens, all of which are notable for their notable nutritional density.

Ultimately, which fruits are the healthiest?

Although not in the top ten, it is important to highlight that fruits are still valuable sources of nutrition and health. Among the fruits recognized in the study we can mention:

  1. Lemon, ranked 28th and considered the healthiest fruit;
  2. Strawberry is in 30th place;
  3. Orange is 33rd;
  4. Grapefruit (pink and red), at 35;
  5. Amora is ranked 38th.

Although fruits are not as rich in nutrients as green leafy vegetables, they still play a valuable role in a balanced diet.

The study highlights the importance of following a varied and balanced diet, which includes vegetables and fruits, to ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients.

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Therefore, fruits continue to play a crucial role in promoting health and well-being.