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A Starbucks employee helps a lonely teen with a message in a mug

A Starbucks employee helps a lonely teen with a message in a mug

The story has been shared many times on social media and foreign media.

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Last year’s story spread again on social networks and international media. It’s about a Starbucks employee’s attitude to “rescue” a teen from a fishy situation.

According to the newspaper Mirror, the teenager was sitting alone in the cafeteria, in the city of Texas in the United States, when a man approached and tried to start a conversation. Seeing the situation, one of the baristas went to the table and offered the girl a drink, saying it was “extra hot chocolate that someone forgot to remove”.

On the glass, there was a message: “Are you all right? Do you want us to step in? If you want, take the lid off the cup.”

The girl ended up not making the move, but the situation made her understand that something serious could happen out there, in contact with a stranger. Upon arriving home, she told the story to her mother, who shared it on a social network.

The post has been retweeted multiple times, including by parenting advice sites.

“I felt safe and didn’t take the lid off but told them. The whole team,” she said [de baristas] She was taking care of her the rest of the time she was there,” says an excerpt from the post.

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