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An extremist German politician speaks in uniform evoking Nazism

An extremist German politician speaks in uniform evoking Nazism

Claudia Bechstein. Photo: Michael Capeler

The speech of conservative politician Claudia Pechstein caused irritation in Germany because of its association with Nazism, albeit indirectly. Donning a police uniform, she advocated for tougher measures against immigration and the “traditional” family model. With information from Folha de S.Paulo.

In addition to being a police officer and former centre-right party parliamentary candidate, Pechstein was a speed skater and is one of the most popular German athletes of recent times.

I often talk with my colleagues in the police, and we agree that we need to help those who need help. But when people come here, they ask for asylum, and the judge decides they don’t have that right, so I don’t understand why they’re still here.”

The police officer linked illegal immigrants in Germany to criminality. “Solving this problem would bring more security to people’s daily lives. Using public transportation and having to look around in fear is a problem that affects the routine of many, especially elderly women,” he said.

Pechstein’s speeches and especially his decision to take part in a political event in military uniform caused great controversy in Germany. The country is experiencing a new wave of the rise of the far right, and any reference to the Nazi past sparks strong reactions.

Left-wing politicians and activists and part of the German press considered the remarks biased and racist.

Pechstein also used the speech to defend the concept of the “traditional” family consisting of a man and a woman. A healthy family is still an example for most Germans to follow. The children of the country face many problems, and so they not only want a good job, but they want a traditional family with a mother and a father. CDU policy should concern, above all, this traditional family.

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