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“A society with too much science and too little heart is in danger of collapse.”

“A society with too much science and too little heart is in danger of collapse.”


Monsignor Sorrentino celebrates the feast of the patron saint of Assisi

ASSISI – “Enthusiasm and Martyrdom of San Rufino Come back to rock us. They push us back on the road with hope. This restoration of ecclesial life in the name of the mission, a powerful and generous revival, will also constitute our true contribution to the economic and social departure that we all want and desire. God’s graceThis is what Bishop Domenico Sorrentino said in his homily on the occasion of the celebration of the glorious Christmas of Christ. sponsor San Ruffino presided, Thursday morning August 12, Assisi Cathedral. The Divine Liturgy was revived by the vicar-general of Saint Jean-Claude Cozy Anani Gidono Hazumi and the parish priest of Mons. Musical San Rufino. The clergy serve the diocese, civil and military authorities, etc. sincerely Hurry up to honor Patron Saint of Assisi and the Diocese of Assisi – Nocera Umbra – Gualdo Tadino.

Speaking about the crisis in our society, the bishop explained: “We have made tremendous progress in scientific and technical knowledge. Information spread. We know in one click what has been learned before through careful exploration of libraries and archives. Science has grown a lot, but God’s knowledge has notWhich translates to love for God and neighbor. He emphasized that the world, rich in knowledge and poor in love, is unbalanced, in danger of landslides and always on the verge of collapse. The church is called today ‘restart’ Don’t expect our booths to be filled with magic, but go back to the streets,missionary, as in the early days of its history. The story of Saint Rufino, missionary and martyr, is back in full. We should look at this not only as a sponsor, but as a programme.. Today, in the world of media, it is customary to talk about “software” and “applications”. Our Church in Assisi – Nocera Umbra – Gualdo Tadino is invited today to present the “San Rufino Application, that is, the New Evangelization Program”.

keep celebratinggive gifts By Assis Mayor Stefania Pruitt.

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