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A six wheeler van for auction in the UK

A six wheeler van for auction in the UK

A Volkswagen Combi Type 2 1963 for sale at online auction Car and Classics website. The distinguishing feature of the model in question is its restored appearance and fifth-wheel hitch, making it a kind of motorhome. It will go on sale soon.

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The six-wheeled Kombi has a design that combines classic elements of the 60s with significant changes. On the outside, the classic look is maintained on the utility vehicle, with the same lights and wheels attached to both the main car and the trailer.

The interior has been restored to maintain authenticity with the original steering wheel and pedals, along with a “period” gear lever and fancy trim fitted as accessories.

The Volkswagen Kombi 1970 comes with two-tone paint and curtains among the most attention-grabbing items
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Under the hood, the model featured the Audi S3 engine, 5 cylinders and 2.0 liter mated to an automatic transmission system. The combination is strong enough to carry the weight of nearly two examples of the Kombi through the hitch.

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Details like the large roof rack, expandable tent and the ability to raise part of the roof to accommodate taller people are also notable. Owners have added storage options and cushioned seats to enhance the functionality of the trailer.

As for anything like a stove, sink, toilet or shower, none of them exist. However, these types of features can be purchased as extras and carried on a larger roof rack. Or, alternatively, you can use those storage boxes we see at the front of the room.

Based in the United Kingdom, the Type 2 Kombi car and classic will be sold in an auction scheduled to begin soon on the website, a website used as an online auto auction and trade marketplace. No opening bid yet. However, you can make your own before the show starts, hoping it will last until the end.

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Volkswagen Combi 1970
Inside, the six-wheeled Gombi has a refrigerator, wooden enclosure and a place to rest.
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