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A second Venezuelan airline will operate a Boeing 747 jumbo

A second Venezuelan airline will operate a Boeing 747 jumbo

The Venezuelan private airline Transcarga International Airlines intends to expand its capacity to carry air freight, and for this purpose, it is negotiating with an American company, whose name has not been disclosed, a lease wet rent For Boeing 747 and Boeing 777.

As mentioned by the site vensolanoThe aircraft lease agreement will already be signed and will last for five years. The purpose of the contract is to reopen roads linking the United States and Venezuela and operate weekly frequencies.

If confirmed, the introduction of the aircraft will significantly increase the air cargo capacity of Transcarga, which today has only two previous Airbus A300Fs. Similarly, operating a Boeing 747 would make Venezuela the second airline with this model, the other being Emtrasur, a subsidiary of state-owned Conviasa.

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