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A study has found that video games can improve mental skills

A study has found that video games can improve mental skills

Most of the young people of our time play some type of video game, making use of the most diverse formats of electronic games. However, what few know is that this practice may not be just for fun. This is because a new study suggests Using video games for trainingyou understand.

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How did the study work?

This new perception is the result of a study conducted by researchers at Georgia State University in the United States. In a recent publication in the journal Neuroimage, the authors shared their findings after studying 47 young adults.

In this case, the researchers divided the analyzed group between 28 people who see themselves as avid gamers and 19 people who don’t play video games. Then they used fMRI technology to test the decision-making process of these young people.

Therefore, the expectation was to find out how the brain of a person who plays video games is best able to make quick and accurate choices. Therefore, the results demonstrated what was expected to be the greatest problem-solving skill by video game players.

With this, we discuss to what extent a gaming habit can influence the emergence of new world leaders with game-based strategic thinking. However, the negative effects of this content in the minds of young people are still being studied.

Use games for training

In the same study, researchers suggested that this information could lead to a new way to conduct mental improvement training. After all, video games can contribute a lot to developing quick reactions when making important decisions.

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For example, the possibility of studying more methods of personal development through games is already being considered. Thus, a person who does not have experience in this field will be able to acquire new skills that will be very useful.

In fact, this is just one of several studies that appear every day linking video game use to improved mental abilities. This shows that neuroscience is increasingly looking for ways to better deal with today’s complex problems.